Well ventilated large size classrooms to accommodate more than 100 seating capacity each in a room, Audio Visual Hall with 200 seating capacity and Auditorium with 500 seating capacity for conducting Seminars, Conferences etc. with adequate light and sound system for conducting different programs are available.


Teaching Faculty:

There is well experienced teaching faculty as per INC norms drawn from different institutes of high repute for imparting quality education to the trainees.



A well-furnished hostel named as “ASHRAYA” with serenity atmosphere located in Institutions Contact Us has been set up with amid tight security arrangement. The nonviolent contiguous of hostel is very much suitable for the boarders to concentrate on their study. Well matured Wardens with social and educational background are appointed to create a friendly atmosphere. A number of Journals, Magazines, Newspapers, Current Health related Literatures are subscribed for strengthen the knowledge of boarders. The hostel is free from ragging and the newcomers are welcome by the old students and they share their experience.



Laboratory is considered as a most vital segment of nursing education and to meet the professional requirement of trainees. The Institute is having vast array of laboratories such as Anatomy and Physiology, Nursing Foundation, Nutrition, Bio-chemistry, OB&G, Pediatric, Community and Computer.


Advanced Skills Lab:

The Medical Skills lab has large number of manikins as well as Simulated Units for training Undergraduates, Post Graduates, and Nursing Students. It is also the venue for conducting the Trauma Life support courses as well as the Advanced Cardiac Life Support Courses, which the Institution has been conducting for many years.


Audio Visual Aids:

The Institute has a well-equipped Audio-Visual Aids Department headed by a Senior Faculty Member. The equipment available are:

  • Overhead Projector
  • Automatic Slide Projector
  • LCD Projector
  • LED Televisions
  • CD/DVD/Blueray Player
  • CD/DVD/Blueray on different topics
  • Articulated human skeleton
  • A set of bones
  • Number of anatomical charts
  • Models of eye, ear, larynx, heart, liver, trunk with organs, etc.
  • Charts and Posters

These AV aids are regularly used by the faculty and also by students during their practice teaching.



“PREMIER LIBRARY” has been set up in the institute where a large number of reference and text books on the subjects are available, which are easily accessible to the students and the teaching faculty. Various journals, magazines, newspapers, current health related literatures are also subscribed for the library. It has comfortable seating arrangement where 200 Nos. of students can sit and read at a time.



There is uniform dress code i.e. deep green Kameez and light lemon colour Shalwar applicable for all students irrespective of School and Institutions for attending Theory Classes and for attending clinical practice white dress is prescribed.


Anti-Ragging Committee/Anti-Ragging Squad:

As per norms of Indian Nursing Council & Supreme Court of India, Anti-Ragging Committee has been constituted in the Institutions. Accordingly, if any student found guilty of ragging, he/she is caught and punished as per rules. Further, the staff members from the Institutions have been nominated and set aside in the list of Anti-Ragging Squad. To avoid the ragging, Anti-Ragging Monitoring Committee has also been formed where the staff members of the institute are placed. They are quite vigilant for any untoward incidence and report the Committee as and when required.