B.T.T.M. (Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management)

Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management, also known as B.T.T.M. is an undergraduate degree programme which is a sought after course for students willing to make a career in the field of travel and tourism. B.T.T.M. an undergraduate degree provides a wider job scope that caters to a lot of many needs. It has been made to provide quintessential knowledge to the students.

The degree helps students to prepare and conversant with the modern trends of tourism. It helps to develop managerial skills in order to meet the demands of the industry. The B.T.T.M. degree provides international exposure to the students and encourages international internships as well as student exchange programs. Students pursuing B.T.T.M., this course helps to prepare and train as per industry requirements so that they get absorbed during the Contact Us placement drives and get a good boost to their career.

The programme focuses on building skills in human resources and management, marketing, research, information technology, finance and strategy; all these factors are necessary all of which are essential components of this global industry. Students are also trained in skills and techniques necessary for operating and managing start-ups which involves assessing financial risk, evaluating and managing human resources.

Potential candidates learn to assimilate the methods of sustainable tourism and mitigate the negative impacts of travel on the environment. The programme also benefits the students in having a bright future as after finishing this course, they become eligible to work in various sectors of the tourism and travel industry such as resorts, cruise ships, hotels and other related industries.